The Carbonizer® processing system is designed to process organic waste in a negative pressure, no oxygen environment with high heat. It has been hailed as the best available technology for processing carbonaceous waste.

The Carbonizer at a Glance

  • Modular, scalable, and easily integrated into the generator’s waste stream processing or at an Aemerge Virtual Landfill location
  • Modularly manufactured so that a complete two-ton system can be transported on four or five tractor-trailers, depending upon configuration, and final assembly on site
  • Designed, and the control software is configured, so that multiple systems can be operated in tandem to optimally match conversion capacity to locally available waste supply
  • Right-sized so that the system can be located almost anywhere, thus increasing the likelihood of access to desirable sites
  • Suitable for combined heat and power applications, because of its small footprint, enabling an overall energy efficiency even higher than traditional incinerators
  • Operable and monitorable from anywhere in the world with a smart phone; each Carbonizer will be monitored, parts and maintenance managed, and software updated from an Aemerge central control center

side carbonizer

  • Scalable and horizontal platform for converting multiple types of carbonaceous waste
  • Proprietary carbonization process turns organic waste into clean energy and useful carbon-based co-products
  • No regulated emissions, zero-landfill compliant waste solution
  • Experienced, multidisciplinary leadership team