Aemerge's Organic Black™

Organic Black is a pallet wood derived, high quality carbon. It is available in a D50: 5 micron, proven dispersible in master-batch powder, and is available FOB Fortville, IN in 1000 lb. plus super-sacks.

Plastics Applications

Organic Black’s dispersion can contain anywhere from 5% to 50% of our carbon (organic black or codex black), mixed with commodity or specialized traditional petroleum based carbon blacks (e.g., N762), depending upon application. Such dispersion have been shown to work in aqueous inks, pigments for latex and acrylic paints (using what are considered to be typical industry emulsifiers and/or surfactants), and in plastics (molded parts up to 50:50 blend in a 2% let down and in thicker bag applications).

Our carbons can also be the single coloration pigment for a new line of various shades of gray in all the above application areas.

Fixed & Total Carbon D3175, D3172 ~87%+
Sulphur D4239(A) ≤ .7%
Ash D3174 ~10%
Absence of 313 Compounds D3682; others Pass

Organic Black, with carbon of 87+%, has been shown to be mixable with traditional carbon black and then used in a variety of black coloration applications.

UV Color Retention

After 500 hours of Color Testing using a Xenon Arc Machine, there was also no discernible difference in hue and depth. As shown in the Tensile Properties Table, there is also no meaningful difference in tensile properties within the normal testing error range.

TENSILE PROPERTIES 100% N762 80/20 Aemerge
Tensile Stress at Yield 104 105
Elongation at Yield 115 109
Tensile Stress at Break 95 79
Elongation at Break 95 77
Modulus of Elasticity 101 105

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