About Us

America needs to lead the world with a cleaner, smarter and more renewable approach for how we handle our waste and how we produce our energy…Aemerge has one solution to solve both challenges.


The Problem

Managing waste is a critical problem in America. As population and urbanization have increased, municipal solid waste has doubled in the last 10 years and will double again by 2025. Existing methods and available technology are not designed to handle this growth in a sustainable, cost–effective way. In addition, the market for renewable energy is expanding rapidly thanks to Federal and State mandates and incentives along with the Obama Administration’s goal to double U.S. renewable electricity by 2020 and significantly reduce carbon emission by 2030.

The Solution

Aemerge has developed a technology, the patented Carbonizer®, that addresses both of these growing issues by converting any organic waste stream into both clean energy and profitable material co-products with low to zero air emissions. Aemerge’s core differentiator is in its ability to accommodate multiple and mixed waste streams, even those with metals, glass, and aggregate – over 100 types of waste have been tested to date, including medical and hazardous industrial waste. No other market player, including those employing gasification or pyrolysis, has this capability. Aemerge has already demonstrated commercial viability with a two ton per hour facility in Indianapolis.


  • Scalable and horizontal platform for converting multiple types of carbonaceous waste
  • Proprietary carbonization process turns organic waste into clean energy and useful carbon-based co-products
  • No regulated emissions, zero-landfill compliant waste solution
  • Experienced, multidisciplinary leadership team